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Alarm systems

Make sure your living space is safe and sound, even when you're not there, with the Smart Alarm wireless security system. Use your smartphone and tablet from any location to monitor your property or control the system. You can add 24/7 Monitoring for a small fee or use it for NO MONTHLY FEE and get notifications on your mobile.

Installation cost starts from $400*


Smart CO smoke detectors

With the connected smoke alarms you can get notifications if there is smoke and carbon monoxide present. Instantly check the status of the detector and battery life. Cancel false alarms from your mobile device. 

Installation cost starts from $50*

Automatic water shut-off

Pipe bursts and leaks aren't going to upset your day when you have the Dome Home Automation Water Shut-Off Valve installed in your primary home or vacation home. Automatically control your water systems and shut them down when they go haywire. It will detect leaks turn off the main water supply and send a message to you 

Installation cost starts from $200*


At Simcoe Security Solutions we put our customers' satisfaction and trust first, so we made possible for you to provide your own preferred equipment, or we may order it from our suppliers. Please contact us for the list of the brands we carry.

* Prices may vary depending on complexity of the work and may be different for each project. To get more accurate estimate please call us at 1-888-558-5958 or Click the link to booking system

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