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Surveillance Camera Installation

When it comes to security of you home, security cameras are the most important part of your equipment.

Good video surveillance system can deter burglary even before it starts. Advanced systems will detect a motion and instantly notify you on your mobile phone along with pictures taken. 

The system is compatible with smart home devices such as Alexa and Googe and Apple Home products. 


Camera upgrades

Technology is always evolving, so must your system. High resolution cameras and face recognition ability is a must nowadays. Upgrading your cameras is very important step to your security and cost much less than installing a new system.

Choose the right equipment

With "smart" capabilities various devices might not be compatible with each other, always ask the professionals, if you cameras will work as a one system with your existing equipment. 


Professional installation

Trust professionals, security of you, your family and your home is a priority to us. We will make sure that cameras are secure, connected and have clear view. Installation will be mess free, we will not make holes on the wall and all our work will be guaranteed for 3 years.  

Installation cost starts from $300*

At Simcoe Security Solutions we put our customers' satisfaction and trust first, so we made possible for you to provide your own preferred equipment, or we may order it from our suppliers. Please contact us for the list of the brands we carry.

* Prices may vary depending on complexity of the work and may be different for each project. To get more accurate estimate please call us at 1-416-996-1943 to schedule free appointment.

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