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Frequently asked questions:

What is most important in choosing surveillance camera system?

First there are wired or wi-fi connected systems. Wi-fi is seemingly easier to install and cost effective. However not many realize that power need to be supplied to the camera. In some cases certified electrician would be needed to extend the 120V power source close to the cameras. Plus wi-fi signal is unstable and may be weak.

If you decide to choose wired system there is a choice of Analog (TVI/CVI) or IP. Both systems can support UHD 4K resolution (8MP) the main difference is IP system uses cat6e cables (ethernet cable) which makes camera system modern, more versatile, delivers better picture and has much better functionality. The main drawback of IP system is the price.

At Simcoe Security Solutions we instal cat6e wires no matter what system you purchase. We use special adapters to change the signal from IP to Analog. This is done to save you money now and let you have an option switch between. Call us to get the pricing for both systems

Can you upgrade my old system?

Yes, it is fairly easy job switching cameras and recorder. Labour cost are minimal

What does SMD do?

All our equipment will have machine learning algorithm and will differentiate human or a car motion from any other motions, thus sagnificantly lowering false triggers 

What should we know about installation?

Price may vary and depends on camera and recorder locations. Some wires might be exposed.